[Wine]PC Study Bible

Jack Lewis jacklewis2 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 27 10:18:41 CST 2005

Brian Vincent wrote:
> I downloaded and tried to install PC Study Bible, but I couldn't get it
> to install.  What did you to get it installed in the first place?  I
> had native DCOM and everything.

I started over and tried installing PCSB on a naked WINE.  It crashed 
near the beginning.

Using Sidenet 1.8.1:
- Installed mfc40.dll
- Installed WMP 7.1
- Installed IE 6
- Strange message during IE install: UpdCrl: AddCRL failed => 0x80090017
- IE works OK.

Installed DCOM98

Installed PC Study Bible 4.2B

> Anyway, I was planning on replacing comctl32.dll with the native one
> to see if it worked better.  My guess is it will.

Using the native comctl32.dll and commctl.dll didn't change anything.

PCSB is written using Borland Delphi program.  I tried several other 
Delphi programs, and their menus are fine.


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