Jeremey Wise Jeremey.Wise at agilysys.com
Mon Mar 28 09:55:02 CST 2005

I have converted my parent's computer to Linux (Fedora Core 3) and have
down-loaed Crossover and tried to get three applications working. 

TurboTax 2004 -> Works great
Peachtree-> Still broken and no error output (this is lower priority)
FreeCell -> Getting error below

Of all the applications I need (for political reasons:>) Freecell is the
most critical. I was NOT expecting this to be an issue but it is turning
out to be a real PITA.

Here is the modifications I have made.. It must be something stupid and
I was hoping either someone could fix the google link / hit on this
exact topic or that someone could RSVP with what I am doing wrong.

"/opt/cxoffice/bin/wine" --check --cx-app
Could not load 'CARDS.DLL' required by 'FREECELL', error=21

3C87vfirep59.fsf at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx%3E&lr=&hl=en

#less /home/mom/.cxoffice/dotwine/config
Application appends for FreeCell to work
"Desktop" = "800x600"
"Managed" = "N"
"cards" = "native"
I have also copied the "cards.dll" into the /windows directory
from /windows/system (which has solved some app stupidity in the past).


Jeremey Wise
jeremey.wise at agilysys.com

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