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* Klaus-Peter Schrage <kpschrage at gmx.de> [2005-03-29 18:12 +0200]:
> Hiji wrote:
>>Have you tried using Wine?  It should work on there
>>(as reported by http://appdb.winehq.org)

There should be a date or wine version on appdb entries. 

Freecell (or any other Entertainment Pack card game except Tripeaks) won't
run on unmodified wine since November 2003.

> I get the same error as Jeremey:
> 'Could not load 'CARDS.DLL' required by 'FREECELL', error=21'
> with Wine 20050310.
> freecell.exe and cards.dll are in the windows directory, cards.dll is in 
>  windows/system too. Both come from a win98se installation disk.
> This seems to be a regression, as it worked for me in former versions of 
> Wine (sorry, can't recall which ones).
> Klaus

I think 20031016 was the last version that it worked with. Sometime around
then anyway. After that, the builtin cards.dll was changed from the 16-bit
one to the 32-bit one.


Since it can't be overridden for some reason (that was explained to me, but
I've since lost the email -- something about wine preferring 32-bit dlls), I
just remove the cards.dll.so each time I upgrade.
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