[Wine]Aol & WIne

Damnation damnation.85 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 30 10:52:45 CST 2005

Hello i got the most recent version of wine for mandrake 10.1

i tried to install aol 9 as all i want is the dialer, i have no
interest in waol.exe and the inner workings.
i did try to install and us penggy and failed i have no idea how to use penggy.

i have a external serial modem zoom 3049 

i tried to install aol 7 seeing as it was on the aol 9 disk. and
everytime i try to run aol 7 it stats that it needs to reboot
"windows" (althought on linux) to install some services did that a few
times and well, no result.

so any help would be great

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