[Wine]Running SAP R/3 client - wsock32.dll problem?

Parameshwara Bhat pbhat at ongc.net
Thu Mar 31 01:30:24 CST 2005

Hello all,

I have successfully installed SAP R/3 client on my wine-20041019
(recommended by winetools)When I try to login, I face logon balancing
error.Also, in the sap logon GUI, I cannot see letters on the switches
though I can see available services.

Though sap has a linux client, my organisation has only licensed windows
client.But I prefer to work in Linux.

I have configured wine using winetools and installed all basic system
applications as well as MS Office 2000 premium all of which work very well
including MS Access which is not listed in DB.

In my wine config file, wsock32.dll is set to value 'builtin'. I believe
this dll is causing the problem.I have run depwalker on saplogon.exe and
it lists this as a missing dll (along with other dlls- but this is the
only dll which is not listed when I run depwalker on iexplore.exe between
saplogon.exe and iexplore.exe). I have copied native version to
/windows/system directory, but hesitating to use this as it may break my

I can run internet explorer and opera in wine. They do not complain.I have
set in my 'IE-connections-LAN settings' to point to my sap server
bypassing the proxy-server.I have no problem running ie or opera from
within wine and connect to my intranet servers or internet.

Has anyone else run sap r/3 windows client on wine? Can setting
wsock32.dll to 'native' for saplogon.exe break wine? Can this issue be
solved in any other way?

Thanks in advance,

Parameshwara Bhat
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