[Wine]WIne keyboard focus issues..

darklegion taedium_vitae at eml.cc
Sun May 1 09:41:31 CDT 2005

Well I am trying to play a game under wine but I am having a problem with  
keyboard focus.The problem is that even when a wine window is not in focus  
it still seems to accept keyboard input.This is a problem because this  
particular game uses "ctrl" or "shift" to skip text,and using these keys  
outside the game results in several pages of skipped text within the  
game.I've tryed playing around with "UseTakeFocus" and "DXGrab" as well as  
"Desktop" and "Managed/Unmanged" video modes,but nothing seems to  
help.Interestingly this even seems to happen when I am under a seperate X  
server instance,so it doesn't seem to be a window manager issue.Also this  
message repeats continuosly on the console although I don't believe it is  
related(it has happened on other games) :
err:ddraw:d3ddevice_lock_update Wrong surface type for locking !
err:ddraw:d3ddevice_unlock_update Wrong surface type for locking !

I am using a recent cvs(about a week old).
Also if this is an issue that can't be easily fixed,would it be possible  
to force wine to not use the 'ctrl" and "shift" keys at all?


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