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Thu May 5 19:17:31 CDT 2005

Hi Rainer,

> i have running lotus notes under wine on my redhat 9 system.

So am I, since year 2001  ;)

> what i want is, to define which application should be started for
> which attachment type. so for microsoft attachments i want to start
> my linux version of open office and for pdf files i want also to start
> my linux version of acrobat reader or xpdf!
> so, where do i have to configure this stuff?

OK, It's possible and works very fine when you right-click at the 
document. See below.
I did the following 2 steps:

1) put an entry at the ~/.wine/system.reg like this (example):
------------------------ 8< --------------------------------
[Software\\Classes\\.pdf] 1051470000

[Software\\Classes\\acroread.pdf] 1051470000
@="Documento Adobe PDF"

[Software\\Classes\\acroread.pdf\\DefaultIcon] 1051470000
@="C:\\Program Files\\Acroread\\acroread.exe,1"

[Software\\Classes\\acroread.pdf\\shell] 1051470000

[Software\\Classes\\acroread.pdf\\shell\\open\\command] 1051470000
@="\"C:\\Program Files\\Acroread\\acroread.exe\" \"%1\""
---------------------- 8< ---------------------------------

2) the linux "executable" acroread.exe *must have8 be placed at the above 
dir (the linux "executable" is a shell script so you can do anything you 
like from now on ;)). Follows an example:
---------------------- 8< ---------------------------------

#set -x
mkdir -p "$HOME/tmp"
LOG="$HOME/tmp/acroread.exe-log.`id -u -n`"
echo "Arguments received: $@" > $LOG
RESULT=`winepath "$@" 2> /dev/null`
echo "/usr/local/bin/acroread $RESULT" >> $LOG
TMP=$TMPDIR ; TEMP=$TMPDIR ; /usr/local/bin/acroread "$RESULT"
# removing the temporary file
rm -f "$RESULT"
---------------------- 8< ---------------------------------

        I already have system.reg entries for various extensions (DOC, 
SXW, XLS, SXC, ZIP, HTM, JPG, etc) and their respectives "executables". 
        You have to be careful with some tricks like the $TMP and $TMPDIR 
that are modified by wine. 
        You can have lots of informations if you put at the end of the 
"executable" script an entry like: "env >> $LOG" to see the environment 
variables and anything you like.
        If this helps I'd like to know because we can exchange new 
"executables" for other extensios (mimes)/entries.
        One more tip for lotus notes. You can also modify your browser 
settings in order to start a linux browser when you get a HTTP link at the 
email. My notes is in portuguese (brazilian) so I'm figuring out the 
path/location of the parameters in english .... you have to choose (at the 
right side at the end of the notes window) something like: Office->Edit 
current->Internet browser. At the "internet browser" choose "Other" and 
then navigate through the file system in order to find the "mozilla.exe" 
shell script below (put it somewhere else). There is no need for a 
system.reg entry.

---------------------- 8< ---------------------------------

#set -x
mkdir -p "$HOME/tmp"
LOG="$HOME/tmp/mozilla.exe-log.`id -u -n`"
echo "Arguments received: $@" > $LOG
LANG=en $MOZILLA_BIN -remote "ping()" 2>&1 | grep "No running" >> $LOG 
if [ $? != 0 ] ; then
        echo "Calling: $MOZILLA_BIN -remote \"openurl(\"$RESULTADO\", 
new-window)\"" >> $LOG
        $MOZILLA_BIN -remote "openurl($RESULTADO, new-window)"
        echo "Calling: $MOZILLA_BIN \"$RESULTADO\"" >> $LOG
---------------------- 8< ---------------------------------

        I have a more sofisticated script. If you want, please let me 

Hope this helps. Regards.
Ulisses de Sousa Penna
Analista Consultor - Banco do Brasil
Fone: +55-61-310-6320   Fax: +55-61-310-6435
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