[Wine]Configuring Wine to use on a separate partition

Holly Bostick motub at planet.nl
Sat May 7 10:06:37 CDT 2005

Robert Yu wrote:
> Is it possible to put Wine on somewhere that's other than the Home
> partition? Like a separate "windows" partition?
> Also, as I intend to use the Home partition to store most of my
> work/documents, is there a way for Wine to look beyond the Home/
> whatever directory it's in? In other words is there a config file in
> Wine that I can map drives? I want it to be able to look into into my
> home directory where my work is located. If so, please included
> step-by-step instructions on how to do it. I'm sorry, but I don't want
> to create another directory for Flash files. I want it in one
> directory.

You don't say what version of Wine you're using, but if you look in
~/.wine, you should see a /dosdevices directory, unless your version is
very, very old.

This is where Wine maps drives. The default mapped drives are c: , which
points to Wine's "drive_c" folder, d: , which points to your home
folder, and z: , which points to the / folder, allowing you to reach all
the other folders on the system, as they are mounted somewhere in / .

To simplify things, just create a symlink from any folder you want and
name it with an unused drive letter (e: , f: , etc), and it will be seen
by most  Windows programs' file dialogs.

Naturally, you will want to make sure you have write permissions to the
directory in question. Also, be aware that if you're using an additional
mounted partition as a drive, some Windows install programs may not be
able to calculate the free drive space correctly, and --depending on the
installer used-- may give you a warning or may refuse to install. If
this happens, and you know you have sufficient space, and the installer
just gives a warning, then go on with the install and it should be fine.
If the installer refuses to proceed, then you have little choice but to
let the installer install to where it thinks it's OK, and then either 1)
live with it, or 2) move the installed files to where you want them and
a) edit the registry to change the install path or b) symlink the
install directory back to where the program thinks it is and set Wine to
allow symlinks to be followed, using the config file.

Hope this helps.

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