Evil wine at eternaldusk.com
Mon May 9 13:36:01 CDT 2005

This is explained in the documentation at 

It would also be a good idea to stop first, and find a book (or google 
for some documents) oriented towards beginner's guides to Linux. You're 
going to have a very rough time using WINE if you don't know your way 
around the command prompt and some basics of the distribution you're 
using (likely SuSE 9.3, not Linux 9.3).

Good Luck!

Wolfgang Feuerlein wrote:

> Hallo,
> is there anyone who can tell me how to use „wine“? I successfully 
> installed the program under my Linux 9.3 (with the help of YasT), but 
> now I cannot find any icon and I don’t know, how to start any windows 
> application. Or did I anything wrong during the installation (I am 
> completely new in working with Linux!!!!!)????
> Thanks for your help,
> Wolfgang

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