[Wine]Re: eMule or other p2p on wine?

Matthew Reed matty at zootal.com
Thu May 12 12:51:52 CDT 2005

> Matthew L Reed wrote on 07.05.2005 22:45:
> | I have been running WinMX for a while on Wine, and while it has a few
> | quirks, it works (for the most part) quite well. eMule, OTOH, flat
> | refuses to start and throws an unhandled exception: page fault...
> |
> | Has anyone here had any luck running other P2P programs via wine?
> FYI, emule and KazaaLite K++ run without a hitch on my box. You need to
> have the Mozilla ActiveX control installed.
> Also note that aMule is available in a native Linux version and provides
> virtually all of eMule's functionality.

I looked at aMule, but IIRC it was still alpha/beta and discontinued. Maybe
it was some other product, I'll look into aMule and make sure I'm not
confusing it with something else.

Perhaps eMule has issues with my version of wine, as it crashes everytime I
try to start it.

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