[Wine]debugger problem

Holly Bostick motub at planet.nl
Thu May 12 16:15:19 CDT 2005

Matthew Huff schreef:
> I keep getting the error message: "A Debugger has been detected.  Please unload debugger and try again."  every time I try to install a windows program.  What do I do?
Is this one specific program (if so, what program?), or any program at all?

In any case, that message often means that the application or game has
some kind of copy protection that perceives Wine as an enemy (basically,
Wine is "not real enough Windows" to the eagle eyes of the copy protection).

If the program is a game, you will most likely have to find a no-CD
patch/crack and install it to disable the copy protection (sorry, I know
a lot of people don't like to do this for their perfectly legal retail
games, but it is sometimes necessary). If the program is an application,
you will most likely have to wait until such time as Wine can bypass the
copy protection scheme of that particular application, or your version
of that particular application. If you can revert to an earlier version
of the application, such a version may use a different protection scheme
that Wine *is* currently able to bypass.

If a specific application or game is giving you problems, you might want
to look at the Wine application database at http://appdb.winehq.org and
see if this is a known issue and whether a workaround exists.

Hope this helps.


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