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xeebee xeebee at free.fr
Fri May 13 06:06:01 CDT 2005


I use Mandrake 10.1 . I'm new with wine and I have many questions maybe not really clear because I try to understand.

I tried many wines versions. First I tried the latest wine but no config with it. I tried given config or winetools. But winetools asks me gettext.sh like in debian (but I am not debian). So I try to use gettext.sh for this debian but still doesn't work, don't find this file. I put it in winetools directory. It is said to put it in your path, is the path in ~/.wine ?

I also tried the package given in mandrake. Ok it is older and better, I can run some applications. Winace works but the image always refresh. Photoshop elements begin to start but it seems there's DLL problem and winamp is nearly the same.

I have windows partitions. So I want to use them but I didn't understand how to point these partitions. One of my questions is how to point these partitions?

I understand that there are native dll and builtin. How to know the dll that are better to use as native and those as builtin? Do I have to add more dll name in the config even with windows system installed on an other partition?

To summarize I try to understand how wine works and it's coming. I already watched wine-user guide, wine wiki and an old tutorial on lea-linux but not many to help for a simple start.  Are there more help, tutorial or howto , examples config available, etc?

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