[Wine]Configuring Wine to use on a separate partition

Robert Yu bobbyyu3 at gmail.com
Mon May 9 21:22:59 CDT 2005

Sorry for the confusion, this is what I want:

1. /, /bin,/dev files to go on partition A 
2. /home (and coincidentially /root)to go on partition B
3. For Windows Applications/games

Also I plan to make network shares on the /home directory on partition
A as well as some Game map levels

I've read through the file you sent me, and it does tell a little. One
thing I don't get about the article is this statement about the root
directory:Every other file and directory on your system is under the
root directory. Usually the root directory contains only
subdirectories, so it's a bad idea to store single files directly
under root.

My question is, who would  anything there when the directory is
encrypted, so to speak.

So is my plan valid?

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