[Wine]dll not found Case sensitive?

xeebee xeebee at free.fr
Sun May 15 08:17:45 CDT 2005


I configure wine to use a windows partition. For this I create a symbolic link to the window partition in the dosdevices directory with ln -s /mnt/win_c c: .I changed variable in the config variable system, I put "c://windows//system32" and in the path variable also. 

I run winrar without problem and no problem.
I run winamp and it saies dll not found so I look for these dll and I found it in system32 directory of windows and others directories. So I don't understand what's the problem? Shouldn't it look in system32? What do I forget in the config? 

All the dll that winamp try to find are writen in capital letter in the terminal (like MFC42.DLL) but in windows these dll are in small letter (mfc.dll). Is case sensitive a problem?

Each time I run wine, it is written :
fixme:reg_nt_dump_lf unknown winXP node id 0x686c: do we need to add support for it? 
What does it mean in human langage?

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