[Wine]aspi problems / ide-scsi emulation

Roman Stöckl-Schmidt roman at stoeckl-schmidt.de
Sun May 15 12:51:39 CDT 2005

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Putting this back on the list for other people to see.

darklegion wrote on 15.05.2005 17:39:
| I can't help with a solution but I've had the same problems.I hope its
| a design issue of the kernel driver,as going by the general lack of
| maintenance of both of the drivers it'll be a long time before its
| fixed.If its a wine issue,I'll just say I'd like to see this fixed
soon as
| a lot of programs depend on it.
I guess that if it is really a wine issue then it should be
non-permanent. I'm not a developer but in my book it would be wise for
wine not to rely on hardware access methods of the underlying OS in
order to stay as portable (platform independent) as possible. Since wine
is (will ultimately be) effectively a reimplementation of the Windows
family API it should have its own methods of low-level hardware access
and thus automatically be independent of changes in the environment it
is run in.

| Oh and btw,cdrdao can rip your playstation cds easily enough IIRC and
| it  has subchannel ripping options for the 'bad-sector' protected
| games(there  aren't many though,IIRC).Just use this commandline:
| cdrdao read-cd --device /dev/cdrom --datafile psx.iso --read-raw psx.toc
| You 'might' be able leave out --read-raw which will result in a smaller
| image,but if your discs are scratched at all it will fail when it
| encounters an error.You could run bin2iso after to convert to a normal
| iso  image without error correction but you may run into problems.
Thanks so much for that tip, I'll try that out just now.

Cheers, Roman.

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