[Wine]dll not found Case sensitive?

Joachim von Thadden thadden at web.de
Sun May 15 15:43:41 CDT 2005

Am So, Mai 15, 2005 at 02:17:45 +0100 schrieb xeebee:
> I configure wine to use a windows partition. For this I create a symbolic link to the window partition in the dosdevices directory with ln -s /mnt/win_c c: .I changed variable in the config variable system, I put "c://windows//system32" and in the path variable also. 


I can definitely not recommend using a windows system with Wine. Many
things are unpredictable and if you use a WinXP drive it is very likely
that DLLs from this version of windows will not work with wine.

But if you want to try:

1. Wine searches case insensitive.
2. Wine searches in \windows\system
3. wine WineTools you can nativey install your winamp and many other
   software under linux

	Joachim von Thadden
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