[Wine]Choppy sound

Fabrice DELENTE fabrice.delente at free.fr
Wed May 18 09:45:01 CDT 2005

> Sounds like your system can't always keep up with the 3D rendering CPU
> load, were there some GFX detail settings that only take effect on restart?

Your guess was good : I tested with lowering the texture quality to minimum,
and there was no chopping in the two places where my savegames choked.

I have been able to play whole parts of the game without any problem at all
(excellent speed and rendering). The chopping only occurs in certain (always
the same places.)

However, I'm rather disappointed since my computer is AMD64 based (3200+,
1024Mo RAM) with a PCI-e 6600GT graphics card (128Mo DDR3) so I thought it
could cope with the game even on the finest GFX settings.

Thanks for the help anyway.


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