[Wine]Navigating to the upper floor of the /Home directory using Wine.

Joachim von Thadden thadden at web.de
Fri May 20 07:08:36 CDT 2005

Am Fr, Mai 20, 2005 at 12:58:54 +0200 schrieb Holly Bostick:
> > Can you make Symlick names other than lone alphabets? Can I call my
> > Resumes/reference/letters folder that's inside the home partition
> > "employ"?
> Not for Wine purposes, because Windows (and programs that run under
> Windows) does not understand any drive letters other than the 'lone
> alphabet' you refer to. So any symlinks that you make for Wine to use in
> the ~/.wine/dosdevices folder must be named a 'lone alphabet' letter.

But you can, if you want to have more meaningful names, make a file
called .windows-label in the root-directory of the drives symlink. In
the file you name the drive. In all windows file dialog boxes you will
then get the drive letter with the additional name.

> Or you can use WineTools, but I have never used it and don't know the
> scope of its configuration options.

WineTools enables symlinks and hidden files by default. In the standard
it makes these drives:

c: -> ../drive_c
d: -> /mnt/cdrom
e: -> /tmp
f: -> /home/thadden/winetools
h: -> /home/thadden
t: -> /tmp
z: -> /

So via Z: you can access the whole file system. Note that during all
installations of WineTools the drive Z: is moved away because namely
Microsoft installers like to search all drives for installed software
and this could need hours if they search through your whole harddisk
via Z:. After performing the install the drive letter Z: is moved in

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