[Wine]OpenSong with Wine 20050419

James E. LaBarre jamesl at bestweb.net
Sun May 22 00:41:50 CDT 2005

Joachim von Thadden wrote:
> Am Fr, Mai 20, 2005 at 09:37:34 -0500 schrieb Jeffrey Powell:
>>I'm curious. Why is 20041019 the recommended version?
> You can read this on my site.

One question on the "supported versions" info.  The only issue you list 
for 20050419 is problems with WinWord.  If I am not using 
MSAwful^h^h^h^h^hOffice, what other problems are there?  My *current* 
concern is with getting some form of eBay batch auction poasting tool to 
work under Wine.  Later I need to figure out just *why* TaxAct won't 
work under Wine, so I can send them a critique of why the app doesn't 
work, and what they should do to fix it (perhaps anyone with TaxCut 
should do the same; I wouldn't bother with TurboTax with their hostile 
copy protection)

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