[Wine]Problem with InstMsiA.exe

dennis at meulensteen.nl dennis at meulensteen.nl
Mon May 23 04:13:41 CDT 2005

Hi all,
I'm writing because I'm running into some wierdness I can't find any bug
reports about. So it must be me, I guess.

I'm trying to install the Imatch demo from www.photools.com, which uses an
MSI installer. I have Wine set to Win98 compatibility mode.

I can get the registered version up and running if I install it on windoze
first then move the whole installation directory to my wine fake drive_c,
copy some DLL's and set comctl.dll to native. This would be fine for my
own uses but I'd really like to do this Windowless for the sake of other
users who want to "format C:/" one last time!

The MSI problems are preventing me, or anyone else AFAIK, from using this
software with Wine. I believe Imatch to be of great value to others as
well because there is no Linux alternative (Don't get me wrong, KimDaBa is
nice, but not in this league by any stretch of the imagination).

Problem is the MSI installer won't run all the way through and the demo
won't complete setup properly either. I have the instructions in the Appdb
at wineHq. So anyone can see what I did. I'm using the latest released
Wine version (2005-05-19).

In the end I can get the app running allright, but now comes the punch-line:
When I go to install the registered version it won't run the MSI setup
properly and crashes Wine fatally.

Does anyone have an idea of a solution, or just something else I can try?


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