[Wine]Re: Start Windows application from another windows application

harryvanderwolf at hccnet.nl harryvanderwolf at hccnet.nl
Mon May 23 09:10:05 CDT 2005

Hello Rein,

Many thanks (again) for your answers and assistance.

>> I tried to build wine from the CVS tree, but without success.
> What went wrong?
I downloaded the full-cvs from ftp://ftp.winehq.org/pub/wine/ which was at that time full-cvs-2005-05-20.tar.gz. I untarred/gunzipped it to a temporary directory and cd-ed into the wine subtree, where I tried the ./configure and so on. That didn't work. Not having any expereince with cvs, I stopped there.

> I get crashes with PTgui and current cvs. So I have compiled
> wine20050419. Both PTgui and autopano seem to work with that.
I'm running slackware 10.1 with the accompanying 20050419.xxx.tgz build. I did a re-install of wine for both the 20050310 binary as well as the 20050419 binary, but both didn't work (both on the already existing .wine subtree in my home as well as a "from scratch" where I removed the .wine subtree. I did not build wine from source (yet). Tonight might be a good time to do so for the 20050419 source (like you did).

Your description of what you've done with ptgui and autopano is exactly what needs to be done. The results you get are also exactly what is to be expected.
> Would this have failed for you? If I need anything else to do, give me
> some simple instructions.

Yes, this failed for me. For now, I will compile/build wine from the 20050419 source like you did and report back if that has been succesfull.

Thanks again and kind regards,


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