[Wine]Re: Start Windows application from another windows application

Rein Klazes wijn at wanadoo.nl
Mon May 23 03:24:27 CDT 2005

On Sat, 21 May 2005 21:51:21 +0200, you wrote:

> Thanks Rein for you answers and sorry for the badly formatted HTML-mail. 
> It looked good when I sent it. This one is plain text.
>   You program crashes (division by zero, reason unknown) and wine
>   automatically starts the debugger. There is nothing relating to "Start
>   Windows application from another windows application" in here.
> And yes, you are right, it was a stupid mistake not checking that first.
> I tried to build wine from the CVS tree, but without success.

What went wrong?

> I tried 
> autopano.exe 1.02 instead of 1.03 and that works when using it with 
> "wine autopano.exe".

I get crashes with PTgui and current cvs. So I have compiled
wine20050419. Both PTgui and autopano seem to work with that.

I leave aside why it crashes with current cvs for now, but it does look
like a problem.

> When creating panorama photo's you "stich" photo's together based on 
> overlapping areas. This is done by adding control points which 
> anchor/map the exact same points in the first photo with that same 
> points in the second photo and so on. The autopano program does that 
> automatically for you which saves a lot of work. Autopano works with a 
> lot of command line parameters. When started without parameters it looks 
> for images in the current directory and uses these to create control 
> points. That's why it complaints about wanting at least two photo's. On 
> the http://autopano.kolor.com/sample_pictures.zip page are a set of 
> sample images, but I can send you a set also.

Here is what I did:

- start PTgui with "wine ptgui.exe";
- Under Options->Plugins fill in the path of the autopano.exe;
- Press the Add button, and select 1.jpg and 2.jpg from the "Tutorial"
- Under Plugins start autopano;
- In the console I get a lot of output which seems all OK:

  Found 2 pictures
      0 -> 1.jpg
      1 -> 2.jpg
  Timing : 9.77 ms

KEYPOINT DETECTION [ Algorithm : standard SIFT ]
  1.jpg -> 640x480 320x240 160x120 80x60 -> 644 Keys
  2.jpg -> 640x480 320x240 160x120 80x60 -> 910 Keys
  Timing : 9.946 s
  Force every picture to be in the same panorama
  pictures : 0 1 
    Writing Project file 

Total Time : 10.81 s

- In the PTgui I get a message box  "Autopano found 20 new control
points. Do you want to add them?' I click OK;
-Under the button "Control Points" I can inspect them and everything
looks OK.

Would this have failed for you? If I need anything else to do, give me
some simple instructions.


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