[Wine][Fwd: Re: [Fwd: Re: Start Windows application from another windows application]]

Harry van der Wolf harryvanderwolf at hccnet.nl
Wed May 25 19:29:57 CDT 2005

Hi Rein (and others),

I shrunk one of my partitions, crated a new ext3, installed Fedora Core 
3, downloaded the wine 20050419 rpm from winehq and installed that too.

I then installed ptgui, panotools en autopano.
autopano runs flawlessly and creates a good ptgui project file, but 
murphy hasn't left me. Now ptgui dumps.

< Sigh >

I use KDe and as fedora/RedHat is very much Gnome oriented, I will check 
all of the QT libs KDE uses and see if "something" is missing.

Well, at least it seems I can stick to slackware which I'm already using 
since 3.0. (Hey, did my first attempts with kernel 0.76).


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