[Wine]USB Not working

Matt Urquhart mattu at bluebottle.com
Thu May 26 08:35:44 CDT 2005


I recently bought a PocketPC, HP rx3417. I tried using multisync with
the SynCE plugin, but was unable to understand how to get my device
working (it's something to do with the number of USB endpoints - most
devices only have 2 or 3, while mine has 4) On the SynCE website there
are some step-by-step tutorials on how to get devices with 4 endpoints
working, but they are difficult to understand.

So... I tried installing Micro$oft Active$ync with Wine. It installed
version 3.7.1 ok, but upon searching for the device, it said for usb,
`Not Supported'.

Is it possible to add USB functionality to WiNE?


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