[Wine]Re: [Fwd: Re: Start Windows application from another windows application]

Rein Klazes wijn at wanadoo.nl
Thu May 26 04:16:38 CDT 2005

On Tue, 24 May 2005 22:38:40 -0100, you wrote:

> For some reason the WINEDEBUG=+relay does it. (The wine user manual says
> it too : "There are some cases where the bug seems to disappear when
> +relay is used. Please mention that in the bug report").

I know, yet autopano looks like an (seen from Wine point 0f view)
extremely simple application: it only links with kernel32.dll and only a
few basic functions from that.
There is also the fact that the problem does not show with me, relay
tracing or not.

I was wondering about some timing problem (the program does a huge
number of QueryPerformanceCounter() calls). Perhaps if you retry a few
times you get a crash with the +relay log. 

> So I suppose I will (have to) file a bug report to the wine team.

I think you should anyway. Bugs in applications that can be downloaded
are perfect for the bugzilla. It does not look that we can solve it now,
> Please give me the magic solution as I really don't have a clue.

I wish I had one.


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