[Wine]Re: Start Windows application from another windows application]

Harry van der Wolf harryvanderwolf at hccnet.nl
Thu May 26 18:24:42 CDT 2005

Hi all,
After a lot of trial and error I write some kind conclusion.

I wanted to use ptgui, panotools, autopano en enblend in wine to be able 
to abandon windows. I want to run autopano en enblend from ptgui. 
Panotools is partly a dll and a java application, also to be used by ptgui.

So what's the score:

- I tried wine 20050310, 20050419 and 20050524, all from binary and 
compiled from source.
- I can't run autopano 1.03 which is a shame as it is more accurate than 
autopano 1.02.

- I can run autopano 1.02 by hand, but not from within ptgui. Some 
timing problem prevends autopano from returning the computed values to 
ptgui. Still, I can create a ptgui project from autopano 1.02 and use that.
- I can optimize my panorama in ptgui and write the intermediate tifs to 
- I can't start enblend from ptgui as it "dies" in some weird time-out 
loop. I can start it by hand though and use the intermediate tif's from 
ptgui and "stich" them together to create a panorama.
- I tried on slackware 10.1 (where autopano 1.03 dumps) and on Fedora 
core 3 (where ptgui dumps), using KDE, Gnome and xwm. The windows 
manager didn't make any difference, which is quite obvious, but in the 
end you try every desperate option.

- I've tried about every possible combination to make it work.
- I can use the combination in wine, but userfriendliness and 
integration is far from that in Windows (unfortunately).

- Struggle on and try to make it work.
- Use the linux native program hugin (http://hugin.sourceforge.net) 
which looks very promising but is far from stable yet (at least in the 
combinations I tried it) and it needs a lot of "exotic" libraries.
- Use the native linux versions of autopano and enblend and combine them 
with wine ptgui.

I think I will work on the first two options in a slower pace than the 
past week. The third is not really an option.

I'd like to thank those who gave assistance and especially Hein.
Hein: many, many thanks for your help and all the effort you put into 
helping me with my (incorrectly) formulated topic. At least I learned 
some things along the way about debugging.

(That's what I like about forum's/mailing lists: So many people not 
knowing each other, but willing to help each other).

Thanks again and by for now.


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