[Wine]Re: Running LabView + OPC server/EIB on wine ?

Juan Lang juan_lang at yahoo.com
Mon May 30 21:19:35 CDT 2005

Hi Benno,

--- Benno Senoner <sbenno at gardena.net> wrote:
> Hi, sorry for writing you directly,

It's no trouble, though you may get more or better advice posting to one
of the mailing lists or on irc (#winehq).   I'm cc'ing wine-users in case
someone else has experience in this area, hope you don't mind.

> assume I use LabView on Windows to make a standalone .exe
> this .exe communicates with the EIB fieldbus using a bus coupler unit
> that communicates with a normal serial interface COM (9600bps).
> Under windows LabView uses the OPC server to provide an interface with 
> the EIB bus.
> Do you think it would be possible to run the standalone .exe on Linux + 
> wine with
> the bus coupler attached to the serial port ?

It's possible, I'm sure.  The question is how much work it will take. 
Rarely do things work "out of the box" on wine, unfortunately.  They
usually take some tweaking to the install, and sometimes to the code.

> If yes, what components are needed on wine ( win98 DCOM libs etc .. ? ).

You won't know till you try it.  We used to recommend installing DCOM95/98
and a native msvcrt.dll most of the time, but Wine's built-in ones get
better all the time.  So I'd say, try it first, see what trouble you
encounter, and try again.

If the OPC you mention has any relation to what I was posting about
before, it's likely to work better with DCOM95/98 than with built-in COM

The serial port code seems to have had some trouble lately, so you might
try Uwe Bonnes' patches (check the wine-patches in the last week or so) if
you run into issues there.

Post again here if you've tried and had trouble, and good luck,

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