[Wine]Weird Internet Explorer behaviour and one other mess

Jose Alejandro Guizar neobunch at yahoo.com
Tue May 31 14:52:16 CDT 2005

I'm kind of a newbie on the whole Wine deal and I'm
close to flipping out on this problem I have, maybe
it's happened to someone else (who can share his/her

- Internet Explorer can't open new windows. Be it
javascript, a popup, or even if you click on 'File ->
New -> Window' and if you try, it hangs. So it's
practically unusable to me since the corporate app I
installed IE6 in the first place for pops up the
window. 

I'm using winetools-212 for the installation and
configuration (from scratch) and everything installs

But here's where it gets interesting: it works fine if
I install wine through the debian package available
(20050310) and then use winetools, but only on version
211. wt-212 makes IE behave this way, too. And adding
to the mistery, I downloaded and compiled from source
this same version(20050310) and it also doesn't work.
I've tried using 3 versions (20041019, 20050310 and
20050524) starting from source with both winetools-211
and 212 and on none of them can I get IE to do this
(opening new windows); that only happens, like I said,
with the debian package for 20050310 and

Of course I uninstalled the debian one before trying
the others; and also made sure to clean up after
winetools as well.

Easy way out would be to go with the deb pkg - wt211
combo, right? thing is I need to use version 20041019
since it's the only one that will allow Lotus Notes
6.5.1 to work correctly :)

What I'm really asking is if this has ever happened to
anyone else and what could possibly be the differences
between the deb package for 20050310 and the
compiled-from-source wine. I'm using winetools on both
of them for the configuration.

thx in advance to anyone who can help out.


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