[Wine] Colour palette goes nuts.

Paddy patrick at scotcomms.co.uk
Tue Nov 1 08:04:45 CST 2005

Not sure how to describe this or where to point the finger, so I thought I 
post here before submitting a bug.

Wine: 0.9
Application: Titanic Explorer

This application is a 'educational' triple CD about Titanic. It is created 
with macromedia 'director 6' and utilizes QuickTime.

It installs fine.
Runs fine (needed to disable ddraw on QuickTime) until I try a 'search'. 
This opens a dialog box with a 'input' field. This field has a white 
background, but it flickers black & white soon after it displays. As soon as 
I try to enter a search term the background of the field turns black. Text 
can still be entered but its not readable. The colours of the application 
front end then goes crazy. Blacks become white text cyan whites become black 
with magenta text.
The masked out parts of the front-end now become visible so a rounded object 
will appear in a white box . This behaviour continues even after the search 
dialog is closed.

If I don't perform a search then the software runs great.

Any ideas? (apart from not searching ;-) )


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