[Wine] wine can not find registry key(s)

Jakob Steidl j.steidl at liwest.at
Tue Nov 1 18:24:34 CST 2005

Hello list,

I am trying to get "Allplan 2005"  working.  But during startup it exits
with an error message like "can not open registry key \\Software\foo

But according to regedit the keys do exist. I have exported them under
Windows XP, and saved them as plantextfile somehow, and then imported
them with wine's regedit.

Here is some (hopefully relevant) debug output from wine:

0009:Call advapi32.RegCloseKey(00000144) ret=7ef7c590
0009:Ret  advapi32.RegCloseKey() retval=00000000 ret=7ef7c590
0009:Call advapi32.RegOpenKeyExA(80000002,7fb2fb00 "Software\\Nemetschek
\\Allplan\\2005.0\\Settings",00000000,00020019,7fb2faf8) ret=7e8fcb47
0009:Call ntdll.NtOpenKey(7fb2faf8,00020019,7fb2f9f8) ret=7f022db1
0009:trace:reg:NtOpenKey (0x114,L"Software\\Nemetschek\\Allplan\\2005.0\
0009: open_key( parent=0x114, access=00020019, name=L"Software\
\Nemetschek\\Allplan\\2005.0\\Settings" )
0009: open_key() = OBJECT_NAME_NOT_FOUND { hkey=(nil) }

I really hope someone can help me with this or give me any hints.

Thanks in advance,
Jakob Steidl

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