[Wine] Printing under wine

Tony van der Hoff lists_0504 at vanderhoff.org
Wed Nov 2 04:45:05 CST 2005


Bit of a newbie here, I've checked the FAQ, and some srchives, but haven't
found an answer.

I have a Windows DTP application, which runs quite well under wine 9.0
(Mandriva Linux 2005SE), but when tryimg to print, dumps with a stack

So I thought I'd try printing from the wine-supplied notepad; this doesn't
even come up with a printer list. I can't believe that something so
fundamental has gone unreported, so it must be my setup.

Has anyone got any hints/clues, please?

Tony van der Hoff          | mailto: tony at vanderhoff.org
Buckinghamshire, England

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