[Wine] preparing relaunch of WineTols 0.9

Markus Winhard mw at bingo-ev.de
Wed Nov 2 10:42:58 CST 2005

Hi Joachim,

<< we are on the way to relaunch winetools for 0.9. One problem remains
unsolved: Whenever we start Word 2k, it states "Preparing
installation..." and "Please wait till office completes the
installation..". It does so and we have a working Word. >>

    with Windows the same behavior happens when you run different 
versions of MSWord by turns. 
    MSWord checks a bunch of registry keys at startup. If one of them is 
not as expected it runs the installer again to rewrite all these 
registry keys. IIRC even Word97 has this behavior but doesn't use the 
installer to do it.
    Having said this one would assume that this can happen only at 
MSWord's first start after a fresh install. So if my assumption above 
is right and it happens at every startup *and* doesn't find registry 
keys that are obviously there *or* doesn't recognize obviously correct 
values... perhaps there's a little flaw in the wine function that reads 
registry values? I read some other message today that tells of a similar 
problem [wine can not find registry key(s)].

    BTW, if that's the only known problem with WineTools for 0.9 why not 
publish this version, mention this as a "known problem" on the WineTools 
web site and provide a fix as soon as you found one?


Markus Winhard

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