[Wine] [second try] How to masquerade as Administrator?

xyzzy1 at hotpop.com xyzzy1 at hotpop.com
Thu Nov 3 15:01:11 CST 2005


[This is my second try at trying to post to this list.  The first post never 
made it?  I never got an acknowledgment and it is not present in the 
archives. Is this a list problem or is there something wrong with my 
subscription?  Please excuse the noise if this is duplicated.]

Wine 0.9 installation.  I installed Internet Explorer using the manual 
procedure in the applications database.

I then changed the version reporting to Windows 2000 using winecfg and then 
went to http://v4.windowsupdate.microsoft.com which went ok until I got a 
"Must be Administrator".

I notice that there is a stub that is IsNTAdmin that seems to be returning 0.

Is there any way to be administrator on my own box with an installation that 
is under my home directory (~/.wine)? Perhaps some sort of "runas" command?

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