[Wine] How do I change the resolution Wine reports to the app?

David D. Hagood wowbagger at sktc.net
Sun Nov 6 09:59:33 CST 2005

Now that all configuration has been moved into the registry, how do I 
tell Wine to report a different DPI to the application than X reports?

The reason I am asking is that I have several Windows apps that do not 
correctly render text boxes - evidently the app is being told that the 
size a given piece of text will require is different than the size the 
text actually will require - as a result the text does not fit into the 
space allocated for it.

Also, most Windows apps seem to be using .5 point flyspeck as the 
fontsize - I have to use X's ability to change the screen size (ALT-KP+) 
to really see the apps - it is as though they were targets to 640x480, 
and I am running 1600x1200.

Yes, I realize that many windows programmers are horrid and use actual 
pixel sizes rather than point sizes, and fixed-size dialogs, and other 
atrocities against mankind, and that there is little Wine can do in such 
cases - but what can I do to improve things?

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