[Wine] Macromedia Dreamweaver MX

Evil wine at eternaldusk.com
Thu Nov 10 16:17:59 CST 2005

Linux Girlie:  Try overriding 'msvcrt.dll' for Dreamweaver.exe with the
native Windows version.  I used to have that exact same problem until I
did that.

There does seem to be an unrelated regression in CVS affecting
Dreamweaver sometime within the last few weeks.  I 'm trying to move to
Nvu, so I'm not exactly sure of the day it started.  My regression
testing to identify it is not going to well either (gurus, please see

When I start Dreamweaver now, I get symptoms similar to those Jo
described:  the splash screen never goes away, but the app does come up
in the background.  The app is, however, unresponsive.

I tried turning back the clock on my local source using 'cvs update -PAd
-D "2005-8-01 CDT"', cleaning, making, installing, even rebooting, and
retesting, but I got the same results.  Maybe I'm using the wrong
command or making a bad assumption that the CVS command would revert
patches like I thought it would (it did appear to patch a lot of files).

Coincidentally, I also tried Dreamweaver with a copy of the 11/5 CVS to
which I had applied Oliver's DX8 patches, and that version works fine! 
I reversed the patches and retested and it was broken with the same
symptoms.  Now I'm kind of hoping that as his patches come in, it gets
fixed as a side effect.  :)


linuxgirlie wrote:

>I hope this is the correct mailing list to send to.
>Basically I have just put in a full Linux computer suite in the school
>I work at. The problem is they need the Macromedia Suite for their 6th
>form students.
>As I couldn't get MX2004 to work at all I have 'downgraded' to MX.
>Fireworks, Freehand and Flash MX all work perfectly! But...
>Dreamweaver does not. What happens is I run dreamweaver in the console
>I get a flurry of hard drive activity and the splash screen. The hard
>drive continues to light up and then stops. The computer hasn't frozen
>or anything but the splash screen just stays there.
>In the console I have this message:
>fixme:ole: CoRegisterMessageFilter stub
>I am using wine 0.9 and Mandriva 2005 (KDE 3.4 edition), I will also
>be using Mandriva 2006 soon, but have not tested on this system yet.
>Many Thanks,
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