[Wine] Two problems: no network for gaming; DVDShrink autorun

saurian saurian at thelink.net
Mon Nov 14 09:56:24 CST 2005

Wolfgang Klein wrote:

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> I searched the archives but I didn't find a solution to these two problems:
> After upgrading to the latest Wine version (0.9) I am finally able to
> play one of my all time favourite games under Linux: Settlers of Catan.
> A big, big "Thank You" to the developers for that! :-)
> Unfortunately the game doesn't recognize the network yet, so I'm unable
> to participate in (or start) a multiplayer game. When run under Windows
> the game offers to use either directplay, ipx or tcp/ip. When run under
> Wine that list of network protocols is empty.
> Network does work, though: Firefox (Windows version) runs perfectly
> under Wine. It is just the game that can't see any network.
> Is there any chance to enable the game's network ability?

I might be able to help with this first one.

I had similar problems trying to run a Descent 3 server on my FC3

It turned out to be the fact that wine seems to be VEEEEEEERRRRY strict
about trying to use ports that are already in use.

Try these:

See if the game has command line arguments that allows you to specify
the port. If it does, try a couple of different ports. (Ports in the
range of 10300 through 10399 seem to be pretty free and available in
the port scheme) By using a command line argument, you are telling the
game not to touch any default ports that it may use, and possibly wind
up freeing up the net problems.

If you cant change the ports it uses, then see if you can determine
what ports the game wants to use then check if there is a service on
your linux box already using it, that you could possibly dissable.

Also see if there is a command line argument that specifies which of
those protocols that you mention, to use. Its possible that telling
the game upfront in a command line argument would force it to
recognize the protocol.

I know that under Windows you have to add IPX as a protocol. I wonder
if you have to do that as well under wine. (actually if someone knows
I would like to know that one myself since I could indeed find that
valuable in the future)

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