[Wine] MS Office 2000, and Shockwave, under wine 0.9.1

Phil Reynolds phil at tinsleyviaduct.com
Tue Nov 15 14:40:10 CST 2005

There was a time when I managed to get Office 2000 (or those parts of it
I wanted) and Shockwave both installed in wine, using winetools.

However, under later versions, that is not suitable.

I am wondering if anyone has yet succeeded.

My specific problems:

Office installer: when I get to the part where I choose the required
components, the icon to indicate the installation type selected for each
component does not show, and presumably therefore cannot be clicked on
to change it where necessary.

Shockwave: Once installed, if I try to run any Shockwave programs, I
just get a plain white window - nothing happens beyond that until I
close the parent Internet Explorer.

I would be happy to run Shockwave, as it happens, from Firefox, either a
Windows version installed under wine or the Linux version.

These problems are exhibited from a fresh install of IE6.

Phil Reynolds
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