[Wine] MS Office 2000, and Shockwave, under wine 0.9.1

Randall Walls rwalls at gwi.net
Tue Nov 15 16:51:19 CST 2005

I have been able to get shockwave installed under wine 0.9 by installing 
the windows version of Firefox in wine and then installing shockwave 
with it's native windows installer. Firefox has a few rendering issues, 
but works fine for the most part in wine. Shockwave is fine except for 
some sound issues (repeating/stuttering sounds). Not sure if changing 
sound settings will help. I haven't tested much other than a straight 

Randall Walls

Phil Reynolds wrote:

>There was a time when I managed to get Office 2000 (or those parts of it
>I wanted) and Shockwave both installed in wine, using winetools.
>However, under later versions, that is not suitable.
>I am wondering if anyone has yet succeeded.
>My specific problems:
>Office installer: when I get to the part where I choose the required
>components, the icon to indicate the installation type selected for each
>component does not show, and presumably therefore cannot be clicked on
>to change it where necessary.
>Shockwave: Once installed, if I try to run any Shockwave programs, I
>just get a plain white window - nothing happens beyond that until I
>close the parent Internet Explorer.
>I would be happy to run Shockwave, as it happens, from Firefox, either a
>Windows version installed under wine or the Linux version.
>These problems are exhibited from a fresh install of IE6.

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