[Wine] WineTools 0.9-II released

Gustavo Tomazi Ludwig gtl.linux at gmail.com
Sat Nov 19 11:46:24 CST 2005

I can't get WineTools to run.

I install it as root (see installation log bellow):

root at MCLAREN:/home/gtl/winetools-0.9jo-II# ./install
Version: winetools-0.9
Release: 0.9
Installing WineTools to /usr/local/winetools...
which: no Xdialog in 
ln: `/usr/local/winetools/Xdialog': File exists
Could not link Xdialog to the WineTools directory. You have to do that 
manually for WineTools to work.
Installing translations...
Installed translations for de_DE at euro to 
/usr/local/share/locale/de_DE at euro/LC_MESSAGES/wt2.mo
Installed translations for es to 
Installed translations for fr to 
Installed translations for nb to 
Installed translations for pt_BR to 
Start WineTools as *normal* user with "wt". Don't use as root!
root at MCLAREN:/home/gtl/winetools-0.9jo-II# ldconfig

Then, as user, I do:

gtl at MCLAREN:~$ wt
-bash: wt: command not found
gtl at MCLAREN:~$

Any thoughts?



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