[Wine] Re: possible to import 'system DSN' ODBC data sources from existing windows installation into wine?

Rainer M Krug rmk at krugs.de
Mon Nov 21 00:58:23 CST 2005

Thanks a lot for your help - I'll try it out


Howard Hughes wrote:
> The system DSN's are stored in the windows registry and can be exported 
> using "regedit". Run regedit under windows and locate HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE 
> -> SOFTWARE -> ODBC and right-click on the ODBC node to export its 
> contents to a file. The result is a text file in a very similar format 
> to the wine registry file and I believe it can be imported using the 
> wine version of "regedit". Or you can just paste the contents into the 
> (text based) wine registry file whilst changing the headers to match the 
> wine registry header's style.
> Rainer M Krug wrote:
>> Hi
>> I have in an existing windows installation a large number of 'system 
>> DSN data sources' which I would like to have under wine.
>> Is it possible to import these? I know about the file DSN and that 
>> they are files in a directory, but that doesnt help.
>> Rainer
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