[Wine] Attempting to install wine on Debian/sid AMD64 system

Christoph Fassbach chritoph at gmx.de
Tue Nov 22 11:52:48 CST 2005

As far as I know,
wine is currently not at all compileable for AMD64.
I tried it, too.
You should use an IA32 chroot environment for running wine.
Please read
for further information.

Best regards,


Nicholas Donato wrote:

>I tried several times and was unable to compile wine.  I am running
>Debian/sid AMD64 on an AMD 3500+ 64FX with an nVIDA Geforce 5750 PCIX
>video card.  Here is a list of the files that I could not find in any
>repository in order to satisfy the dependencies listed in the
>resulting error message:
>If there is somewhere that I can get these libs for the AMD64
>platform, please let me know.

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