[Wine] Re: Wine and 64 arhitectures

Emmanuel Charpentier charpent at bacbuc.dyndns.org
Wed Nov 23 13:43:38 CST 2005

Botoaca Andrei wrote:
> Hi, probably this question was already posted, but i'd like an update / 
> estimation to this.
> Can Wine run on 64bit processors (compiling + no chroot to 32bit 
> environment)? For 32bit applications - i mean - not for 64 bit apps?

Wine can already bun on a 64 bits kernel. The easy way is to install a 
32 bits restricted environment in a directory and chroot to it. For 
example, that is documented for Debian in 
. Basically, you have to debootstrap a new environment and install wine 
and wine-related packages (+ dependencies) in this environment after 
having chroot to it. The helper dchroot allows to create a more fiendly 
execution environment.

Another way is to compile wine and its libraries in 32 bits mode (-m32 
in the flags). You'll also have to install some 321 bits libraries. Such 
a "multiarch" environment has been created for various 
32-bits-not-yet-ported-to-64-bits packages in Ubuntu, such as 
Openoffice.org. Wine has not yet been ported this way, but I understand 
that Scott Ritchie (creator of the Ubuntu packages found on sourceforge) 
thinks of it.

You can also do it more easily for Gentoo. I saw at least two references 
toi this kind of installation. Google is your friend...

> Is there an estimation for when wine will be compilable on 64bit 
> arhitectures (even without support for 64bit apps)? Since as far as i 
> worked through the source-code, it's only allocation / address manager 
> issues.

As far as I can tell, those issues are more or less solved.

> Regards,
  You're welcome. HTH

					Emmanuel Charpentier

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