[Wine] Wine 0.9.1 with Quicken 2002 - split accounts window

David Johnson johnson_d at cox.net
Sat Nov 26 12:30:03 CST 2005

It looks like some bugs were fixed between last January and the 0.9.1
release.  The split accounts window behaves better than it used to, but
it still is not quite right.

When you double click on a ledger entry and open the split accounts
window, it will oscillate between full size and "postage stamp" size
several times before stabilizing.  Sometimes it stabilizes at its full
size, but most times it stabilizes at the postage stamp size.

If I switch to another window and then come back to the split accounts
window, the window has shrunk to where only the close [X] button on the
titlebar is visible.

Does anyone have any ideas of what this means and/or how to solve it?


David Johnson

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