[Wine] Re: installing apps correctly

Randall Walls rwalls at gwi.net
Sun Nov 27 16:04:18 CST 2005

If you're trying to create a script or launcher to run it I have always 
just used:

cd /path/to/app/top/level && wine app.exe

There are numerous programs that don't like running unless the called 
from the same directory where the executable lives. This, as far as I 
know, has been the case with wine quite some time. Some progs create a 
registry entry that specifies the root dir for the app, but most don't.


Randall Walls

Duane Clark wrote:

> Marius Schrecker wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm still struggling with my vfp app in wine. This time I removed all 
>> traces of my old deb 0.9.1 installation and did a compile from cvs.
>> Using wine tools I got my base setup and M$ extras installed, and 
>> then installed my runtime app again using its own (wise) installer. 
>> The problem persists that it doesn't find its own dependencies if I 
>> fire it up from anything other than its top level directory. A 
>> previous post here about another users problems suggested that the 
>> app must be installed using the wine installer, but I can't find any 
>> place to install applications that are not “tested” from within wine 
>> tools.
>> Can someone say how I get an application to find its own parts if it 
>> is fired up using:
>> Wine “C:\[pathto]application.exe”f from some other place in the system.
> Hmm... well I just tested a VFP 7 app with a CVS version of Wine from 
> about Nov 6. It seems to work okay for me. Of course, that doesn't 
> help you. Does it not find any of the DLLs? What do you get from
>  WINEDEBUG=loaddll;wine C:\[pathto]application.exe
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