[Wine] system, system32 and dll overrides

Marius Schrecker marius at schrecker.org
Mon Nov 28 02:42:04 CST 2005


 Following on from my vfp app question hjere's the one about dll overrides:

Even when starting the app from its own top level directory I'm getting
warnings about not being able to load certain gdi32.dll, user32.dll and

Ignoring the warnings about gdi32.dll and user32.dll seems to have no ill
effect so I assume the program is simply checking for their presence. I
have tried putting empty files in system, but the warnings are still
there, so I guess the program also checks version information. If I
understand the documentation I can put symlinks of the native files in
system, and as long as I don't create overrides the builtin versions will
still be loaded. The wine documentation doesn't mention shell32.dll, so I
have symlinked this to system and defined an application specific

STOP PRESS: even when symlinked to system the application complains. If I
symlink them to system32 (without an override) everything loads without
warnings. The overridden shell32 seems to load fine from system.

As far as system32 is concerned, the application installer put a number of
native dlls in there. The (rather old) vfp/wine documentation I have found
suggests that some of these should be loaded in native form, so I'm
guessing that I DO need to create explicit overrides for these to avoid
the builtin versions being loaded. .... or do files in system32 get loaded
automagically (see STOP PRESS)??

Sorry to be asking such dumb questions, but I'm still a wine noob :)



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