[Wine] VFP6 runtime app. in wine

Markus Winhard mw at bingo-ev.de
Mon Nov 28 07:01:52 CST 2005

Hi Marius,

<< Specifically the fonts suck, and as Truetype Fonts in Linux are now
better established, I'm wanting to build in proper substitutions rather
than install the M$ fonts. >>

    if you can find a solution to this I'd be interested to hear from 
you (see my email address above). And just in case you're looking for an 
intermediate solution, too:

 apt-get install msttcorefonts

MS provided these fonts for free some time ago and as far as I 
understand it's legal to install them on Linux without having to own a 
Windows license for the linux machine.

    I tried running a Vfp9 app on Kanotix 2005-3 and WINE 0.9 
successfully using the default WINE configuration and the mentioned 
msttcorefonts. It worked using the Live-CD as well as installed on my 
hard disk.
    However the WAIT WINDOWs and ToolTips don't work properly. There is 
a patch for this bug but it breaks some MS installer functionality and 
if you switch tasks sometimes the ToolTip stays on top. If you really 
need this fixed the only chance is to get WINE source, apply the patch 
and compile it yourself.



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