[Wine] Re: I need a program to work under Wine...

Linux linux at pierluigiadami.it
Sat Oct 1 01:06:30 CDT 2005

Dan Kegel Scrive: 

> On 9/30/05, Linux <linux at pierluigiadami.it> wrote:
>> [My program installs, but crashes immediately on startup.]
>> ... it is the most expensive
>> Italian dictionary on the market (Grande Dizionario Italiano dell'Uso -
>> gdu), 7 volumes + CD. It is a my wife's present...
>> You may find some information on it (in Italian) at
>> http://cultura.utet.it/cultura/catalogo/details.jsp?id=633&s=17 
>> [ wine --version says] Wine 20050725
> Thanks for the info. 
> I'm a Wine developer, of sorts, and I'm not very good at helping
> non-developers, so please forgive me if the following advice isn't
> a good fit. 
> Your version of wine is two months old;
> it's possible the bug has already been fixed.  You might
> want to consider testing your app with the latest version of wine.
> If ubuntu doesn't have version 20050930, you can build
> wine from source if you're just a tiny bit brave.
> See http://www.kegel.com/wine/qa/#getting.started
> for instructions on how to build wine from source. 
> If that still crashes, you might want to try generating a log file
> for the wine developers to look at.
> http://www.winehq.org/site/docs/wine-devel/dbg-control
> describes how.  For instance,
>   WINEDEBUG=+all wine gdu.exe > log.txt 2>&1
> The file log.txt may be quite large.  If so, compress it with zip.
> Post a note to the wine-devel mailing list once you have
> that log file, offering to email it to any developer who has time to look. 
> Good luck!

I'll do all that steps you say and post the result to the other list.
Thanks a lot again

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