[Wine] How to use alias interface ?

JEBs JEBs at shbe.org
Sun Oct 2 10:49:07 CDT 2005

Dan Kegel wrote:

>On 9/30/05, JEBs <JEBs at shbe.org> wrote:
>>I'm using wine since a couple of years for a private Diablo game server.
>>Now, while installing a new server I've a problem where neither the
>>Wine-Doc nor the Wine-Faq or Google could help me in any way.
>>My problem with the new server is that I need to configure (or better
>>restrict) my wine to use my alias-interface instead of the primary one. ...
>>Is there any way to tell wine somewhere, not to use the primary
>>interface or that IP ?
>I think this is a problem best solved at the application layer.
Yeeees would be, but I already checked all binaries but couldn't find 
any configuration or registry key :-(

>Try asking the Diablo people how they make that kind of
I already asked them some other questions something about 2 years ago... 
but I never got a answer.
Well in fact there is no support for it.

As far as I can see, it simply takes the first available interface ...

Is there any way to analyse it i.e. via wine- debug switches ?

In past I had a similar probelm. That time I ran them inside a UML where 
I defined the interface/IP via a tun/tap device, but this is somewhat 
too big effort for such a simple thing.
May be there exists some kind of tool in which interfaces/IPs are 
enabled and through which wine could be started (something like a 
application tunnel or firewall ) ?

Every idea is welcome ;-)  !


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