[Wine] Three simple problems with wine under SuSe 9.3

Holly Bostick motub at planet.nl
Wed Oct 5 07:22:01 CDT 2005

phil lemelin schreef:
> On 10/4/05, G4BBH at winlink.org <G4BBH at winlink.org> wrote:
>> I have three problems with wine. Wine set up a pseudo windows 
>> directory system under my home directory/wine. My application 
>> resides in the created 'Program Files' directory and a necessary 
>> file placed in the windows/system directory.
>> 1. If I click on the exe and run with wine it works without error. 
>> However I seem unable to set up a path to the exe as in 'wine 
>> "drive_c/Program Files/Airmail/Airmail3.exe"' as the executive can 
>> never be found. I tried all sorts of path combinations and failed.
> For the point #1 Did you tried without the "" and the path would more
>  look like $HOME/.wine/drive_c/blablabla
> Phil
 Phil, the quotation marks are necessary because the path contains a
 space (C:\Program Files), and Linux considers a space the end of the
 command unless it is either escaped (C:\\Program\ Files; the extra "\"
 being an escape character to tell a Linux application --which Wine
 is--that the character following the \ should be considered part of the
 command. This is why the first forward slash is escaped as well as the
space, so that Linux can recognize it, otherwise Wine would read the
path as C:Program Files), or enclosed in quotes (single or
double), which tell a Linux application to use the quoted command or
path 'as is'.


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