[Wine] Re: Three simple problems

G4BBH at Winlink.org G4BBH at Winlink.org
Wed Oct 5 12:22:00 CDT 2005

I now have my three com ports woking: com1 with symbolic link to ttyS1, com2 to ttyUSB0 and com3 to ttyUSB1.  To get them to work I had to change permissions to the devices in /dev.

I had to make sure that everything in my windows application was set to owner richard and group users so I could get everything working without being su.

I can now carry out my comms via an HF radio link using Pactor, and can copy RTTY weather forecasts, NAVTEX navigational information but not weather fax.  The latter mode requires access to data from the com port at 57500 bd and needs to plot at that rate.  wine is just a tad slow to cope on a 1GHz PIII laptop.

I'm winning :-)

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